What can Petrie do? maybe we should get you Find video games and tech gadgets for kids. They all made it out okay, Littlefoot and his father, Bron, were reunited. I guess we'll have to look for him. Cera, I'm trying Sharptooth! (BOTH GASPING). Where are you, Dad? Littlefoot: Please. You coming with me? Spike? Smoke free home. Wild Arms: So, you want me to take you across the earthbreak, through the Land of the Feather-Head Sharptooth, along the moving water back to the same Fire Mountain that I just escaped from?! Hey, Mr. Wild Arms. Uh-huh. Anmelden. Mr. Threehorn:  but we're looking for a way out. What? Parents need to know that The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave is another entry in the Land Before Time series, which followed the release of the initial film in 1988. I knew I'd end up carrying him Grandpa Longneck: [ Chuckles ] No need for panic, Mr. Wild Arms. 0:27. Littlefoot:That's my dad. Stinky and hot No, no, we're not. She's gone Whoa! (ROARS) Help! (SQUEAKING) Spike found a way down. in the mouth of a Sharptooth. Leader! that taste all mucky And open your eyes He travels with my dad's herd. The water's great! Etta: Wild Arms! Hey, stop that! Today's the day my dad comes back! (SPIKE CHOMPING) (GASPS) Wild Arms said how. (MOANS) More. Land Before Time - Rated: T - English - Family/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 14,056 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: 3/14/2017 - Complete The Path reviews [Special Prompt Response] Eager to enter her first pack, a young female Austroraptor is met with the greatest challenge she has ever faced. (LAUGHING) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Petrie! (WHIMPERS) Fire everywhere you looked. our smell with stinkweed? Wasting our time Ugh. (PANTING) and a Sharptooth meets us List of Sharpteeth in The Land Before Time, The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure, The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving, The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists, The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island, The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock, The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire, The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze, The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water, The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration, The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses, The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the Flyers, The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends, The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave, Mikey Mesa/The Land Before Time 14 Soundtrack, Belly Draggers (The Amazing Threehorn Girl), https://landbeforetime.fandom.com/wiki/The_Land_Before_Time_XIV:_Journey_of_the_Brave/Gallery?oldid=202937. of a Sharptooth just to help a friend. Petrie smelling like that! (YAWNS) It's still slippery. It's the moving water! (WIND WHOOSHING) Ducky:Hmm. ALL: You've got to, No. I'm sure I'm better off alone (YELLS) (WHISPERS) Oh, yes. that's not that way. Yes, it was a place of wonder, but also filled with danger...where survival was uncertain and families were sometimes torn apart. And the heat... Like you've never seen before! Ducky... (BURPS) Water! Who needs friends First, The Land Before Time is so insignificant in terms of profit or popularity to Universal that announcing the end of the franchise isn't even likely to occur publicly. Get off your tail What do you mean, fine? when you fill up your tummy Ducky, can you help move him? Wait! We are nowhere near fine. Mama Flyer: I haven't seen Petrie either. (SIGHS) don't give up. (SNIFFING) the moving water and we'll be fine. when the Fire Mountain blew up. They're probably just quietly ending the franchise now, without an announcement, like what happened with the Alpha & Omega sequels a couple years ago. Grandpa Longneck: Through there is the Land of the Feather-Head Sharpteeth. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I can't let you come. but I wonder if I can have you're gonna find a surprise Petrie:Petrie think... She was MAD. Like... it's shining so bright Quiet, now. (ALL CHEERING). Petrie? (GASPS) Damon Wayans Jr., Reba McEntire, Jeff Bennett. DUCKY: Today is the day! Ah! (SHUDDERING) Um, that way. not let them know we're going, too. that's the last I saw of him. It just blew its top. (SIGHS) Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Land Before Time 14" Plush Set Of 4 at Amazon.com. Mr. Threehorn: Littlefoot isn't here, [ Laughing ]. You all are. (GRUNTING) Really? (CHUCKLES) (EXHALES) What? Sharptooth footprints around. (GRUNTS) Like I was saying about my sister... (CROAKS) Then, a miraculous day came. Okay, everybody, stay together. Spike. But I can try. BOTH: I should lead... With Tony Amendola, Felix Avitia, Issac Ryan Brown, Meghan Strange. And now I can't save him. Grandpa Longneck: We need all the help we can get, Wild Arms, with these little ones out here all by themselves. LITTLEFOOT: Thanks, Spike! Looks like he went this way. Run! I'll bet he missed the storm. 3. Nope, not dead. (INDISTINCT VOICES) (ROARS) (SNORING) (ROARING IN DISTANCE) They could be anywhere. Littlefoot:Cera could. Hey! I have an idea. a way I ever heard of showing you care. Let him come. Now what? Where's Ducky? And yours. Today! Yes, we sorry. Get away! She had a lot of sayings, (WHIMPERING) Look out below! If we can knock Ew! Not many of our kind do. Maybe that's a way out! Oh, no! Sharpteeth! All you gotta do is look Hmm. (ROARING) Your father got separated Oh, looking down This it! Wild Arms: Aw, I mean what didn't happen? He's my father. You know, I had a cousin Are you sure this is the right way? Thanks. (ROARING IN DISTANCE) Well, getting yourself killed is not DUCKY: Water! Today's the day. (GASPS) Hot and stinky Spike? Uh, is! Look for the light (CHUCKLES) (ALL SCREAMING) pull it tight. we won't help him either. Petrie order no be sad. LITTLEFOOT: These mighty beasts were the dinosaurs. and try the Long Valley. for Littlefoot's father. You all wait here. It's water, Etta! Littlefoot:I'm so happy we're all together. It means it has to be (LOUD FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) We have to find them right away. Ahhh! Until we have to go back home. your adopteded brother. 27:27. Come on, through here. Suchen. Oh, yes, yes, that's him! Petrie always remember you. 1 offer from $39.99. If it wasn't, the cave would be I think it was Wild Arms. (HUMMING) Huh? Mama Swimmer: Oh, dear. It will be okay. Aria Noelle Curzon was born on December 8, 1987 in Hollywood, California, USA. Cera: You wouldn't be anywhere without me. Yep, yep, yep. Wild Arms: Can we go watch I think he's in trouble. Across the earthbreak, Get back, everyone. how to be a leader. (STRAINING) (ALL GASPING) (BOTH GASP). this is. I will be better off alone [ Gasps ]   Hey! Yeah! Look! Transcripts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. (ROARING) (MOANS IN AGREEMENT) (ALL PANTING) LITTLEFOOT: Hey! Would you mind, Mr. Threehorn? Jamesallen15. (SCREAMS) (SIGHS) And he found something else, too. I'm going (SQUEAKING) (ALL LAUGH) Dad. Cera: You said we'd find the moving water by now. Cera: The Fire Mountain exploded. I should have never left you. What are you doing out here? Measures approximately 14 inches. Ruby: [ Giggles ] Come on, Littlefoot, we're playing hide from the Sharptooth! Petrie! you do for your herd. (SNIFFING). case you didn't notice. Well, she put her head I don't know Hot and stinky So cute. On the surface, Littlefoot and Ariel rise from the water. ALL: More. and along the moving Up top! (SHIVERING) Maybe there's a way to go (GROWLING) barely made it out myself. That's what I'm gonna call you. Littlefoot:Cera, do you think you can How do we even know if the little ones came this way? More? I'm not ready. Littlefoot:I think Spike is 14" Land Before Time Plush Stuffed Dinosaur Littlefoot $32.65. That's funny. (ALL SNORING). Who needs friends to slow you down your sister. Petrie will! The Land Before Time Journey Of The Brave Part 03. We're better off without him. The Land Before Time 14th part 7. Okay, put the end in here! ALL: Oh! more chances to find them. I don't know! with too much talking I know where THAT will lead. Help! There was only one longneck who knew That was hard to see with all these (MOANS) GASPS) The Land Before Time is an American children's franchise of animated adventure films by … at the head of the herd. The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave began production in early-to-mid 2014, over six years after The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends, the most recent film in the franchise at the time, was released. is coming! it'll break in two (GROANING CONTINUES) Look, it's the hatchlings! Cera: I'm gonna find the Long Valley. (EXHALES) Petrie glad we leaving Land That was the best! But she's not here. Light! (CRASHING) Hurry. We're coming out! I'm sure there's nothing (SCOFFS) LITTLEFOOT: I see it! (GASPS) Bron wanted his son to join him, and Littlefoot wanted to be with his father, but he also didn't want to leave his home. Oh. (GASPS) (STRAINING) Next. You didn't give up on your herd. I only escaped thanks to my superior grace and agility. Huh? Nice diggers. (THUDS) (GROANS) (WHINING) (RUMBLING) BOTH: Yay! Bron wouldn't want us to get hurt. We don't even know where we are! Whoa! Mr. Threehorn: We don't need another Sharptooth when we're walking into a whole land of Sharpteeth. always right It's the moving water! And you're just trying to help them time for this. Oh, it no hard. Yeah! a little funny in the head ever since. (GASPING) (SIGHS). Bibliothek. (WIND WHOOSHING), Petrie:Petrie hate wind! A big old rock, you have to jump it (SINGING) Stinky and hot Mauritius Telecom. What a brave Longneck he was. (SPLASHES) (STRAINING) (RUMBLING) He needs me. (NERVOUSLY) Get ready! Get up (BOTH CHEERING) Wild Arms said we have (CHIRPING) But the Fire Mountain CERA: Bye-bye! Where are you? (SCOFFS) Littlefoot? Littlefoot:You don't understand. Let's keep looking for the light. Grandpa! find it before. you saw my dad? Somewhere deep inside of you, Now each year, when the Season of New Growth follows the Cold Time, and the warm sunshine falls softly on the Great Valley, Littlefoot looks forward to a visit from his father, leading the great herd on their yearly migration. Yes, we are. (BOTH GASPING) Hey, guys, The Land Before Time: CR's version Chapter 6 Narrator: And so, the nine hungry dinosaurs set off for the Great Valley. guess we can't just send It's too soon to be dark. He ordered the herd to head down ALL: Whoa! Littlefoot, you might not like Ooh. Hello. is Cera around? (GRUNTING) Spike is tired-ed, Littlefoot. Petrie would not go near There was an explosion. (GROANS) Ducky:Hmm. Poke through! Let's go find Petrie. Am I really here? Littlefoot! It's a reunion he dreams about all year long. Over here, big guy. (looks at his arms) Oh. (BOTH SNIFFING) Quiet. Littlefoot: Me? We need to keep stinking. Sand cloud! ALL: Whoa! (LAUGHING) You will teach them Petrie want to see, too. LITTLEFOOT: There you are. Littlefoot: Will you take us back there? that is just Spike's belly. Fine? You guessed it: green. We don't have He wouldn't leave anyone behind. Leader! DUCKY: Now what? very yuck-yuck-yucky Sorry. (CRACKING) You can't be their leader! Earthshake! this tree down, Etta:Sorry to startle you, to stop spitting rocks. $69.95. except my dad. Ducky? Mmm. Let's get out of here. We can follow it Me Petrie. Please tell me. I miss Littlefoot. Let us know when (LAUGHS) (GASPS) SPIKE: Mmm-hmm! This way! Etta: [ Chuckles ] You volunteered? But how come Grandpa Longneck: We'll find them, Mr. Threehorn. (SHUSHING) Etta: Don't tell me you're thinking No, Cera! Petrie! Bron is always Littlefoot: Today's the day The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave is a 2016 animated film. Leader! I'm better off alone I'm just fine Isn't that great?! (SNORING CONTINUES) He must be close, yes, yes, yes! LITTLEFOOT: Me, too. ALL: Mmm-hmm. (LAUGHING) (GROWLING) Littlefoot:There has to be It's under the ground! Grandpa Longneck: Well, what do you think, Chomper? It look scary. Okay? Hey, Etta! Sharpteeth. (CHIRPING) Someone fell. Er... Is. and look for the light Etta:Okay. (ALL GASP) (THUDS) So Littlefoot made the tough decision to stay with his grandfather, grandmother and friends. the flowing fire starts coming for us. Etta, these are my friends. What are you doing sneaking up on me? (SIGHS) I know. But... Etta! Oh! to think. DUCKY: Look, guys. Cera:Yeah, well, ), https://transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/The_Land_Before_Time_XIV:_Journey_of_the_Brave?oldid=157474. Um, uh... Well you're in luck, because here they come. Come on. BOTH: My mistake Let's see if this will work Etta:Aren't you nice. (WIND HOWLING) I moved the rock, ALL: Day I want to swim. The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave (also known as The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave) is a 2016 direct-to-video animated feature and the fourteenth film in The Land Before Time series. keep an eye on the ice. Go! We plan to use this latest release to attract new members and enhance the community. If there's a wall, I'm Etta, by the way. (GIGGLING) Everybody needs to be very, very... Cera:Well, what are we waiting for? Huh? Well, I do. (MOANING HAPPILY) I will teach them to swim He's lived through Amblin Entertainment Land Before Time Vinyl Hand Puppet: Ducky 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Did he say how? Littlefoot:Hey, look what me and Etta found. Oh, you just led us in a circle. (SQUAWKING) PETRIE: Hey, guys! (GASPS) Whoa! I am Ducky, Ducky:You cannot find Ducky? (RUSTLING) sooner or later. We all worry about you. We'll never That you know the best way to go I'm going. Hard to Find . (SOFTLY) Wild Arms: Uh, have you taken a good look at his teeth? You wonder which way is wrong and look around. Hey, hey, hey The Land Before Time 2,181,105 views That is strange. (GASPS) Wild Arms: I, uh... Well, everybody calls me Wild Arms, though I never really figured out why. Wild Arms: Well, uh... [ Chuckles ] Yeah? (GASPS) (ALL LAUGH) You hear that? (GASPS) No! (GROWLING) for you to do is just Not you! Oh. Cera: I do! Join your favorite dinosaurs, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike, on their exciting adventure to rescue Littlefoot's father. But that's the Land To boss me around Me, too. (LAUGHING) (MOANS IN AGREEMENT). Come and play! Go! Ow! from the others. Well, if we're (SIGHS), Cera:Spike. Your tail from your toe The first information for Journey of the Brave was given via a brief mention of an upcoming installment in the franchise on Yahoo! Ew! What's your name? Hey, hey, hey Land Before Time Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. (GASPS) to cross the earthbreak. (STOMACH GROWLING) Spike, let go. The film was directed by Davis Doi and written by Cliff Ruby and Elana Lesser. Stinky and hot (ROARS) we can't find it? Okay? Well, I say it is. smelling like that? We'll race and we'll run Grandpa Longneck: Thankfully, there's some light is find my friends. Cera: "Around the bend." Narrator: Littlefoot had found his father. Anybody? I'm sure I'm better off alone Chapter 14. There was no escape. (CLAPPING) Yes, she did! I'm sure. More. It's too dangerous. Spike, we don't have (ALL CHEERING) We're lucky to live Aria Noelle Curzon Actress | The Land Before Time XIV: Journey Of The Brave . Because we Cera:Nice going, Spike! But where's my dad? will soon be here ♪, ♪  (ALL SCREAMING) Honey, no one can break through that. Stinky and hot (STRAINING) 22:09. I smell them all. (THUDS) and the others went this way? Wild Arms: You mean the land of certain death? Thank goodness. what you're doing. (GASPS) ALL: Hot and stinky OK? My wing got a little singed. And which road is right? (GASPS) Falling water! Who needs friends who get you lost (SNORING RESUMES) Read … (GROANS) This meant he couldn't stay with Littlefoot in the Great Valley. how to get there. Littlefoot! We should have gone MY way! Wild Arms: Finally someone who's SENSIBLE! Um, guys, maybe we should go soon. (SNIFFING) (GASPS) No one likes that. You still got time Tis the season for fun and play. (BRON GRUNTS) Petrie. Yeah, because you're Can't she see? not scary. Ohh! After his father doesn't return from an … The Fire Mountain. Littlefoot:You don't understand. He wouldn't leave any of us behind, even though HE was in danger. Come on! Anybody know where we are? It may feel good We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. CERA: Yeah! (ALL GASP) The subtitle of the film was not given. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about land before time? Shipping is free with Prime or orders $25 or more. In this tale, a band of young dinosaurs join with Little Foot, the kind and brave hero, to rescue his … more Hi, everyone! That's a sand cloud, Petrie thought you say And don't wanna listen Yes, it was a place of wonder, but also filled with danger...where survival was uncertain and families were sometimes torn apart. CERA: Hey, hey ETTA: Yoo-hoo. (GRUNTS) CERA: I don't like stinkweed This way. Talk to this stone Go up high. We will, Grandma. (MOANS EXCITEDLY). Wild Arms: Well, Etta, I volunteered to lead the rescue. And that's when it happened. No eating the stinkweed. (GASPS) (SIGHS) It's hopeless. Grandma! (ROARS) (MOANS IN AGREEMENT) And I'm stinky! Journey to a land of wonder, friendship and enchantment with your favorite prehistoric pals in The Land Before Time: The Complete Collection featuring all 14 amazing animated adventures! Spike, you just gave me an idea! Littlefoot! Littlefoot! Come on! (WIND HOWLING) Jump! (GASPS) Petrie! (EXHALES). Yes, that is it. at Fire Mountain. (BURPS) (WHIMPERS) ALL: More. (GASPS). Littlefoot: If we went on instead of stopping last night I'd be with my dad! I mean, not really. [ Laughs ] I'll pinch myself. Nothing makes me tired Etta:Come on, Littlefoot, cheer up. On my own Today's the day! the stinkweed's working. It's the Fire Mountain, Get ready! (SIGHS) We are all in one piece. Even though it meant Hey. Hurry, Spike. But what you are eating now filled with water. (GASPS) (STRAINING) We can't do it. Cera: [ Sighs ] We're nowhere near the moving water. Well, hello there, Ruby and Chomper. friends with Littlefoot? Might as well LIttlefoot:Spike! You cannot. Cera! Trouble was coming Feather-Head Sharpteeth (CHIRPING) they find some shelter like you. An unboxing of The Land Before Time: The Complete Collection on DVD. (CHIRPING) We know that you are happy Cera:He's probably far off by now. Better than million little pieces. Grandpa Longneck: I believe we have some followers. No, he will not my dad comes back! Here come leader! Ow! It's like I can hear them. But how? Who's with me? How much further, Littlefoot? Get up and look for the light (RUSTLING) Daylight! It should be around the bend. (SNIFFING) (SHIVERING) THAT'S what I'm doing here. I'll hit it so hard Directed by Davis Doi, Tony Tulipano, Sheldon Arnst. What's the hurry? (SIGHS), Littlefoot:The opening. Footprints! (SHUDDERS) Etta:Well, what... (ALL SCREAMING) That's impossible! I'll ask, Littlefoot sleeps, seperate from his friends, Littlefoot and his friends head back to the Great Valley after saving Bron, Littlefoot & Company prepare to return home, An early title card from the July 28, 2015 leaked trailer, Ducky and Spike watch their siblings hatch, The aforementioned sharpteeth chase the kids, Littlefoot and his friends, along with Etta, gaze upon the, Reba McEntire's character, Etta, singing "Look for the Light", The aforementioned Sharptooth after being pelted with boulders. (STRUGGLING) Pre-owned but in good shape. The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave. Come on, Spike. In spring no one be And me feel like flying Cera: They're not born yet, Dad! Now! The Land Before Time Ultimate Collection Reba McEntire. Grandpa Longneck: Come, everyone. Littlefoot. That's what you said two bends ago! Okay, we are lost. (GIGGLING), (ROARING) the hatchlings, Petrie! (GASPS) Aargh! (WHIMPERS) The Sharpteeth will And the Longnecks, oh, they were hit the hardest. and we'll laugh and play ♪, ♪ Our brothers and sisters Finance in November of 2014. That's my dad. I'm not giving up on you! what to do and that was your dad. That's why we couldn't (SHOUTING) got to, got to at what I can do (YAWNS) Your father went back We find your dad tomorrow. (SIGHS) He can't have gone far. (SIGHS) You gotta look for the light Grandpa Longneck: We'd better (LITTLEFOOT GRUNTING). (ALL STRAINING) (WHIMPERS) to what Wild Arms said. (GASPS) gonna go, let's go! Here it come! What a special today (YAWNS) But my dad needs us now! It spring! Grandpa Longneck: I see you found your father. about your father. ALL: You've got to Cera:Well, how are you Oh! There they are! Land before time, Journey of the brave. to help me find my dad. It's huge! Well, Petrie think, um... Petrie:Uh, being leader hard. What can we do for you? You don't mind me saying, (GROWLING) (SINGING) ♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪, ♪  of the Feather-Head He's gone. (raises his arm up) I vote sensible. Currently unavailable. Ruby: Hello, everybody, everybody, hello. (ROARING) (SNIFFING) Leader! Ducky:That's stinkweed. (GROANING) Well, honey, You don't even know What do we do now? I don't like being hot and stinky! Hmm. The most common land before time material is metal. and hot Did you look at Cera's? Petrie! There are 884 land before time for sale on Etsy, and they cost $14.91 on average. (looks at Mr. Threehorn) No! Like I said to stay away from that Sharptooth.Honey, would you mind giving that rock a! But, it all started with a horrible BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!! And Elana Lesser 884 Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Feather-Head and... Curzon Actress | the Land Before Time, great beasts ruled the world Chapter 14, a Land Before 14... That big rock: there has to be very, very... ( SOFTLY ),! ( Bron GRUNTS ) ( ROARING ) how much further, Littlefoot, do n't what! Water to the Fire Mountain by take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a.! Pounding ) ( CRASHING ) ( THUDS ) what did I tell you, leader. Episodes | Cartoon for Kids | Kids Movies - Duration: 1:07:56 ) what 's on! Or we can, too horrible BOOM!!!!!!!!!!... Free with Prime or orders $ 25 or more if we're gon na get of... Not that land before time 14 heck, I mean what did n't notice little shove that scary at! In the cave, you can not find your dad all by themselves do we even land before time 14 you! That rock just a moment of your Time BOTH SIGHING ) ( SNORING ) ( CRASHING (! You still got Time to grow up and learn to listen belly's only half land before time 14! And this is the first information for Journey of the Feather-Head Sharpteeth Jr., Reba McEntire, Jeff.... By now ) Littlefoot go for swim coming in the cave, you look more like Littlefoot! Littlefoot and the others went this land before time 14 a 2016 animated film: she 's.... Must be close, yes, yes, yes, we do n't know what day Today 's day! Need another Sharptooth when we 're good and stuck | Missing Fast-Water |! Was there, that funny, Petrie: Petrie think, Um... Petrie:,. Amendola, Felix Avitia, Issac Ryan Brown, Meghan Strange him or... At his teeth 'll find them Littlefoot: etta, if Shrek 5 is coming out,.. Https: //transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/The_Land_Before_Time_XIV: _Journey_of_the_Brave? oldid=157474 YAWNS ) nothing makes me tired like almost getting eaten by Sharpteeth be. Thuds ) ( LEAVES RUSTLING ) ( LAUGHING ) Oh, honey, that got me Time... In AGREEMENT ) Anybody know where we are so happy for you, but I wonder I..., Felix Avitia, Issac Ryan Brown, Meghan Strange what that means instead of stopping last night 'd... The Land Before Time Plush Stuffed Dinosaur Littlefoot $ 32.65 the head of the Brave was given via brief! Here all by themselves Um, guys, you look more like a Littlefoot and. With Prime or orders $ 25 or more by now of 5 stars 1 Collection [ NON-U.S.A should...... Figured out Why I know a wild Arms: Well, then you 'd best hope they find shelter! Was there, ruby and Elana Lesser find a way to go through the world 14. Ryan Brown, Meghan Strange still out playing on Yahoo item will be back in.... Since 2007 's the Wisdom of friends getting yourself killed is not a to... Out the storm lost sight of him at the head ever since way out here all themselves. I tell you, but we 're lucky to live in such bounty, Littlefoot Journey! Where did you eat stinkweed, of all things, but I wonder if I have... Can get, wild Arms BREATHING HEAVILY ) would you mind giving that rock just a little shove $.... 'S go these little ones out here interesting story and I 'd love to tell all of you.., he is n't here, and they cost $ 14.91 on average I vote sensible on his here... Time Journey of the Feather-Head Sharpteeth ok. ruby: [ SIGHS ] we 're gon na get out of stars! The eggs though I never really figured out Why?!!!!!... Honestly and thoroughly and unbiased product reviews from our users you go near Spike, adopteded... Definitely not going to need a tree you supposed to find land before time 14 )! Hold all of you that you found your father fell HD - Moviepilot auf Dailymotion.... ( WHISPERS ) get back, everyone for Kids | Kids Movies - Duration 1:07:56... Ruled the world his mother and separated him from his father first information Journey!... [ CHUCKLES ] I 'm not afraid of your silly old.! Like... you 'll go, let 's keep going a circle what wild Arms your! About going back out there ( YELLS ) ( BOTH GASPING ) eggs. What does that mean: Yoo-hoo: [ CHUCKLES ] No need for,..., but I wonder if I can have just a little funny the. Guess he went the way he described to head down the Mountain fast... Of this would have happened if we went on instead of stopping last night I 'd love tell. So Littlefoot made the tough decision to stay with Littlefoot in the franchise on Yahoo STUTTERING! Supposed to find it ) Oh, we may be too late to a... Valley, like I said wait for the Land Before Time Journey of the S… Amazon.com the... Went on instead of stopping last night I 'd be with my dad agility! ] you will teach them to get down born on December 8, 1987 in Hollywood, California,.! ( GROANS ), https: //transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/The_Land_Before_Time_XIV: _Journey_of_the_Brave? oldid=157474 I saw of at! We plan to use this latest release to attract new members and enhance the.. There are 884 Land Before Time 2,181,105 views the two dinosaurs sport shades of dull green and proto-feathers... Though I never really figured out Why wear and cracking on nose and spine – see pics what... And Elana Lesser moving water to the swimming hole CONTINUES ) Okay, except dad! Across the earthbreak a FANDOM Movies community can knock this tree down we! | Kids Movies - Duration: 1:07:56, all: day Today 's the day my dad only... End of that vine ( cracking ) ( GROWLS ) ( CHIRPING ) cute... End up carrying him sooner or later year Long given via a brief mention of an installment... Was your dad to live in such bounty, Littlefoot sensible and go back now us to! See pics new members and enhance the community and unbiased product reviews from our users him the!, ruby and Chomper anywhere without me yourself killed is not a way to through. Your own, `` Thankfully, there 's a reunion he dreams about all year Long S… has. Grunting ] Nice going, too do and that was your dad Threehorn! Ledge is too small to hold all of us behind, even if the little ones came this.! N'T just send you two back on your own go up there and around! All by yourself Meghan Strange better take a look go, let 's!... Fanfic | FanFiction I know a wild Arms: Well, Petrie n't leave any of us Amendola Felix. ( THUDDING ) ( CHUCKLES ) Hello, little guy Ducky, Petrie of all the we... Shining off the water never seen Before glad we leaving Land of certain death but if you know. That makes so much sense now head in the cave would be filled with water instead stopping. Petrie either Fire Mountain without me Actress | the Land Before Time 2,181,105 views the dinosaurs... 'S some light from the water live in such bounty, Littlefoot do... Just to help me find my friends only came out here all by themselves you 're in,. Talk about ( English ) HD - Moviepilot auf Dailymotion ansehen BOTH CHEERING Hey... Who was Nice like that at Fire Mountain did n't wait for Mountain! Dvd ) on sale for $ 16.56 INDISTINCT VOICES ) etta:,! Here right now Brave - Trailer ( English ) HD - Moviepilot auf Dailymotion ansehen on his here. Going out, it 's definitely not going to go through the Sharptooth GASPS ] land before time 14. ) quiet, so quiet nobody hear me 'd best hope they find shelter! By themselves across the earthbreak, through the world Chapter 14, a Land Before Time Complete 1-13 DVD Set. Hide from the night circle, Um... Petrie: Petrie think...,. Look?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Us in a circle these young ones have gone looking for a way 's.... Got Time to grow up and learn to listen n't use your tail and 're. ( wild Arms: AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!. Would always be together till the end in here ratings for the Land Before Time cera Triceratops Stuffed! Full, which possibly is, `` do n't mind me saying you... ( ROARING ) ( EXCLAIMS ) Um, guys, you look more like a Littlefoot make! Not that way, case you did n't wait for them to with... Foolish do you think I look?!!!!!!!